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The Steps To Commission

Cost, Commitment, Expectations, Etc.

Richard will estimate cost, time, and size per the subject.  The final price will be calculated to produce an oil portrait that will last for hundreds of years.  As a starting point,  Richard prefers a pretty lengthy interview and drafting process;  a head and shoulders drawing, a historical photographic review, and an interview both with the person securing the commission and the subject.  Costs can range from a simple portrait, for instance, based on a photo from $1,000. To or a full year-long process with multiple sittings can run up to $200,000 US.  A recent hyper- photorealistic large portrait of 30 x 40 took two years to complete and cost the client $170,000. With such a wide range is makes sense to set yourself a budget ceiling before you contact Kuranda.Art. Don’t forget that the artist’s fee does not include expenses such as framing, travel, accommodation, or delivery and installation.  Also, know that Richard encourages everyone to live with the final Art, so he promotes a practical approach for your living space.  Note: He discourages oil paintings in the busy family kitchen!

A list of all the practical details which relate to your commission. The things to think about are:

  • Subject

  • Completion date

  • Size.  (canvas size when quoting, so consider the frame as well.)

  • Medium; preferred is oil. However, pastel, pencil, etc., may be considered.

  • Place & Location of the Sittings

  • Historical Photographic Source Material

  • Interview time

Other considerations:  what clothes should be worn. What lighting source is available. Often Richard will suggest the most straightforward approach.  For Instance, securing a photo on the beach is more comfortable and cost-effective, and sensible than a formal sitting. 

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