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His Work Onstage, Off and in the Artists Studio

Originally from N.E. Pennsylvania, Kuranda spent his young adult life in NYC, then CT. He now resides with his family outside of Chicago.  In 2015 he became more immersed in Portraiture when asked to do a small painting for a friend at the East Hampton Writers and Artist Softball Game in NY.  "It was really over a bet that I lost with Jim.  Something about someone stealing two bases."  for reference, Kuranda studied with and then worked for James Lipton for over a 16 year period at the New School in NYC.


Over the past couple of years, he has discovered a deep passion for this form of painting human beings.

He supports his alma maters, The New School, West Virginia University, The Actors Studio, and Signature Theater in NYC.  Richard's Theatrical work was based in NYC for over 20 years. In 2005, he was credited by the New York Times as having steered the Eugene O'Neill Memorial Theater Center around as the Interim Artistic Director of the entire Center and then a Producing Director for the NPC, NMTC  & relaunched the Cabaret Conference.  It's noteworthy that the works developed at the O'Neill have graced every major stage around the globe. Highlights from Richard's time include In The Heights, {title of show}, Madagascar, and 35+ more.  While at the O'Neill, a dear friend Sara Qua suggested he take a workshop at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.  This gave Richard a chance to reinvest his passion and blow off some stress. 

He has been profiled in the New York Times, Variety, Chicago Tribune, Northwest Herald, Daily Herald, The New York Post, and several regional magazines.  His paintings are on display in London, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Amagansett, Zurich, and Tokyo. 

He cites his past collaborations with Tony Walton, Jim Houghton, Arthur Penn, James Lipton,  Al Pacino, Romulus Linney, Estelle Parsons, Bill Plympton, Lloyd Richards, Christopher Walken, Melody Cooper, Alicia Regan, JT Rogers, and  Erik Blome as defining moments of both his Visual Art and Theatrical work. As his friend and neighbor Erik states, "there are no rules in art".   


To Richard - Art is Art.

Richard is a listed associate with the Oil Painters of America,  the American Impressionist Society, and the Portrait Society of America.

Exhibited charity works donated over recent years include Raue Center for the Arts, Pioneer Center & Williams Street Repertory.

50's Princess, 30 x 50 Spray Paint, Oil, Sharpie, Silver Oxide on Canvas.